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Gwen has spent the last 18+ years working in the Insurance and Financial Services industry, specialising in Data Analytics & Workforce Planning. Over her career she has picked up qualifications such as Finance, Frontline Management & Project Management, as well as spending a significant amount of personal time working in mental health, assisting the homeless and working with women re-entering the workforce.

In addition to this, Gwen is a passionate advocate for people living with disabilities – providing care and support for her daughter with special needs, as well as other family members navigating Dementia. This brings a unique perspective to Gwen’s approach as she has first-hand experience with providing in home care, finding, and managing service providers and managing funding – experience that positions Gwen perfectly to assist those receiving home care packages.

Gwen assists clients all across WA, with her clientele ranging from as far north as Port Hedland, all the way down south to Albany.

Home Care - Perth

Aged Care Assessment – Perth

ACAT assessment is an eligibility requirement to access Commonwealth-funded residential aged care, residential respite care, transition care and home care packages.

ACAT undertakes a comprehensive assessment of care needs for older people needing access to residential and/or home (community) care, and helps the elderly and their carers to determine what kind of support will best meet their needs.

Target group are older people, typically over the age of 65 or for indigenous Australians, people over the age of 50, or people who have an age related condition.

Often comprises of a doctor, nurse, social worker and occupational therapist, the team will recommend services deemed to be the most appropriate to meet care needs through a series of questions, and with the client’s consent will liaise with families/carers and health care providers.

Referral Procedure, by care recipient themselves or others:

  • The care recipient, carer, family must be aware of and consent to the referral
  • All referrals are to be made via MyAgedCare: 1 800 200 422

ACAT Contacts

Click here to find your nearest Aged Care Assessment Team

Local Information & Initiatives for Seniors

Seniors Recreation Council of Western Australia
Organises and runs programs that promote and or encourage healthy ageing through activity.

Find out more here:

Seniors Connected Program

The Seniors Connected Program seeks to address loneliness and social isolation experienced by older Australians aged over 55 living in the community (or Indigenous Australians aged 50 or over).

The program seeks to address loneliness and social isolation through two activities:

  1. Delivering the G’Day Line on 1 300 920 552, a free national phone support service
  2. Establishing 12 new Village Hubs across Australia

The program runs from 2019-20 to 2023-24 with a total budget allocation of $10 million. Funding is split evenly between the two activities.

You can contact the department’s Seniors Connected Team via email

More information here:

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