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What compliance documents are needed?

Police Checks, Insurance and qualifications

Police checks are mandatory for service providers who are visiting the client in or at their home.

In-home service providers must have a valid police check that is less than 3 years old (as required in the Aged Care Act 1997), that does not preclude the individual from working in aged care.

Police checks are not required for service providers providing a once-off service/ trade in the home, who are supervised by someone else other than the care recipient.

Compliance documents are not required for in-clinic services, such as a physio clinic, consumables or equipment.

Allied health professionals delivering services in the home, will need to register in Capital Guardians and upload their public liability insurance and their police check. This applies to Allied Health who are registered with AHPRA, as they do not collect a copy of the police check or record the expiry date.

$10m public liability Insurance is required by all service providers attending the client’s home. $5m is sufficient for domestic cleaners or gardeners.

For transport services, a driver’s license and comprehensive car insurance are necessary.

Appropriate qualifications are required depending on the type of work being conducted. For example a person providing nursing care or administering medication, must be qualified to do this.

All compliance documentation must be provided prior to an individual commencing work. If a provider is engaged prior to having valid compliance checks in place, it is considered a private arrangement.

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