There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realise you just can’t do the things that you used to do. Fear not, all hope is not lost! Luckily there are plenty of products that can assist with many of these activities, allowing a much higher level of independence than we would otherwise experience.

Aids and equipment that assist a person to perform daily living tasks can be purchased using funds from a Home Care Package (HCP). However, prior to making any purchases, talk to your Care Manager to ensure there are funds available and the purchase is an allowable item.

Generally, expenditure should be supported by an Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment, as it’s important to get the right equipment and advice on how to use equipment safely. Specialised and complex equipment that is generally adjusted to suit your individual needs requires supporting documentation which includes the OT report, Care Plan and Budget. 

It’s worth noting that the OT will recommend anything they think is beneficial, this does not necessarily mean it is an item that is allowable to be paid by a Home Care Package.

Even for low-risk items, it is always advisable to consult with a physio prior to making purchases and to seek a review of the item while in use.

It is important to make sure the equipment is supplied and setup correctly to avoid any risk of injury.

When making an equipment purchase there are some points you should consider:

  • Have you spoken with a professional for recommendations on items that would benefit you?
  • Have you discussed the purchase with your Care Manager?
  • Is there a way to trial the item before committing to purchasing?
  • Is hiring a better option? Just make sure you don’t lock yourself into a term that might exceed the home care package term.
  • Is the device suitable for the home environment? Eg easy access to and around the home and neighborhood.
  • Does it meet your needs? Eg, does the wheelchair fold to fit in the car?
  • Is the supplier reputable?
  • Does it meet any applicable Australian Standards?
  • Will it be delivered and set up?
  • What is the warranty period and return policy?
  • Are safety and training manuals provided?
  • If training is needed, how will this be shared with all relevant carers?
  • Will users need to be trained in manual handling/ lifting to avoid injury? For more information on safe lifting see
  • How will repairs or regular maintenance be managed?
  • If purchasing second hand, has a service been arranged prior to use?

Independent Living Centres Australia has a National Equipment Database which is a great source of information on aids and equipment, hire, maintenance and repair options across Australia.