Living with diabetes can feel like a never-ending puzzle, from juggling medications to deciphering blood glucose readings – it’s no walk in the park. Fortunately, Local Guardians offer a comprehensive solution that empowers individuals with diabetes to effectively manage their condition.

As National Diabetes Week approaches (9-15 July 2023) we’re taking a look at 7 ways that a Home Care Package can provide essential support tailored to your unique needs.

1. Personalised care plans: Your diabetes sidekick

If you are living with diabetes your care plan plays a pivotal role in achieving your health outcomes. This is your individualised plan and is the key to exploring options such as allied health support, meal preparation, transport, and assistance with daily activities. Your care plan will include planning for regular needs such as podiatry, regular GP checks and Allied Health engagement – all funded through the Home Care Package. Care planning also provides reminders for annual eye checks, hearing checks, and dental checks. Despite these necessities being Medicare funded, they are crucial to making sure risks such as falls, are managed.

2. Dietary considerations

Your Home Care Package can incorporate a culturally appropriate meal plan, including the support of nutritionists and dietitians to effectively manage blood glucose levels. Meal plans can include purchasing pre-made meals, or the provision of a support worker to support meal planning and cooking needs.

3. Support with physical activity

Let’s face it, exercising can sometimes feel like a chore. But with the help of your own Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist and an individualised fitness plan, guidance, and supervision during exercise, your fitness goals can be achieved.

4. Medication management

Sometimes taking your prescribed medication can seem like an intense game of memory. Your Home Care Package can provide a range of medication support such as aids that provide friendly reminders when to take your tablets. Ask your Care Manager for a list of aids such as medication alarm clocks and talking pill dispensers.  If you need a support worker to assist with taking medication, there is also the option of keeping your medication in a locked safe so that your medications are always in the same place.

5. Blood glucose monitoring

Decode the mystery with your Diabetes Educator and diabetes management team. Your Home Care Package can provide trained professionals, including a Diabetes Educator to help guide you with your glucose monitoring, ensuring accurate reading and helping you understand the meaning behind the numbers and best ways to manage your diabetes.

6. Culturally tailored education

Culturally sensitive educational materials and resources can be provided as part of your Home Care Package. This can include access to translations of education materials, culturally specific meal planning guide and multimedia resources that reflect diverse cultural perspectives.

7. Community contact and staying social

Your Home Care Package can provide individual social support to motivate you to maintain your community and cultural connections. A range of diabetes organisation-led social initiatives can be accessed via your Home Care Package through the provision of transport options and your own support worker and companion.

Connecting with other people who have diabetes is an effective means of accessing peer support. Sharing your experiences with others who face the daily challenges of managing diabetes can help you feel less alone. If you’d like more information on Peer Support Groups visit:

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