Care Management

Case management has been typically bundled up by approved provider for homecare services with their administrative services.

We support you to do your own case management, do your care management or seek help of an independent care manager.

Care managers are responsible for overall coordination of your package, including:

  • Initial needs assessment
  • Identifing goals
  • Developing your care plan and budget
  • Service coordination and referrals
  • Ongoing monitoring & review of needs
  • Reassessment, annually & as needed
  • Referral to ACAS if you need a different level of care

The cost of case management will depend on the level of involvement of the Care Manager, and can be reduced significantly depending on the simplicity of the management and support from yourself, family and friends.

Software benefits

  • Minimise admin & maximise governance
  • No consultants or integrations, cloud based
  • No upfront costs, small monthly fee per package
  • Handbook, care plan templates, legal agreements
  • Secure platform on desktop & mobile
  • Part of bigger network of peers and specialists: clinical, quality & finance