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What is the difference between Local Guardians and Capital Guardians?

Local Guardians is an Approved Home Care Provider registered with the Department of Health and Aging to manage home care packages for Australians. Capital Guardians manage all the financial payments of their clients. This is done in a transparent and efficient manner, with a simple invoicing process that enables invoices to be paid weekly. It acts as both storage for compliance documents such as police checks and insurance. Capital Guardians charge providers a 2% merchant fee, similar to Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, etc.

In exchange, providers:

-Are paid monies a month (30-40 days) in advance of the actual government funding. Home care is paid by the Government only after invoices are claimed the month following the service.

-Are paid every Friday, for all approved invoices close of business Wednesday (that have valid compliance documents and for clients who have funds available).

-Are promoted within the online service finder for thousands of homecare, aged care clients.

-Share a single set of compliance documents, such as police check, ABN and insurance also allowing differentiation of their business’s compliance through the provider finder.

-Use a paperless, simple invoicing system with no mail or postage.

-Access all transactions and payment history online.

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