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How do I read my monthly statement?

The statement includes several key figures that reflect your home care package balance and any contributions or subsidies received from the government.

Please note that information on applicable Supplement and income-tested contribution details  displayed in the image are only available on statements, not the homepage. To access them, enter the first and last date of the last completed month and export to PDF.

Here is a breakdown of each figure:

Daily Income tested fee (ITF) – This will only have a figure displayed if you have been assessed as having to make a personal contribution.

This figure reflects the amount that your daily subsidy has been reduced by Services. If it is not collected through Direct Debit, a red cross will appear next to the Available Funds and no invoices can be processed. This can also occur if the ITF has increased since the last Direct Debit payment was made.

Cash Statement Balance –  This figure reflects the funds that are held by Local Guardians, including any unspent income tested contribution, as well as the invoices presented in this month that Local Guardians have not yet claimed for through the package.

Subsidy Balance (held by Govt) – This figure reflects the unspent funds from previous months that are still available to you. These funds are held by the government until needed. If you have transferred from a previous provider, your unspent funds will appear here once the details have been made available to us.

Funding Owing –This figure reflects the estimated accumulating balance of days in the current month, including the daily subsidy, daily Income Test Contribution, and any additional daily subsidies, such as the Dementia Supplement. This is an estimate only of what we anticipate will be added to your package at the start of the next month.

Available Funds –  This figure reflects the total balance of your Cash Statement balance, Subsidy held by the Government, and Funding owing.

Available funds may appear lower in the first few days of each new month while we wait for  confirmation of the Funding Owing figure from the previous month.

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