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How do I read my monthly statement?

The statement includes several key figures that reflect your home care package balance and any contributions or subsidies received from the government.

Image 1 below illustrates how information is displayed on your monthly statement. You can also access an online statement by logging into your Capital Guardians account. Enter first and last name along with the date of the last completed month (as shown in Image 2).

Opening Balance: the funds available on the first day of that month

Level (1/2/3/4): the current package level and the amount of subsidy accumulated that month (subsidy rate x number of days in the month). If an income tested fee applies, it will display as a minus figure further down

Supplements: any supplements that are being applied (supplement rate x number of days in the month)

Income Tested fee (ITF): only applicable to those who have been assessed as needing to make a contribution. This appears as a minus, as it is being deducted from the package level line

Direct Debit (DD): the amount of ITF debited in that calendar month. This figure differs from the Income tested fee  line because DDs are processed fortnightly.

Spending: the total of all invoices processed in that month

Closing Balance: the funds available on the last day of that month

Available funds will appear lower in the first few days of each new month. During this time we are Services Australia are processing our previous month’s claim.

Image 2 (can be done at any time from your account in Capital Guardians)

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