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Positive steps to physical approach

Hand-under-Hand® (HuH) is an evidence-based, research-proven care technique developed by dementia expert Teepa Snow. About Dementia – Positive Approach to Care (

It utilises the remaining muscle memory of a person living with dementia to offer comfort and initiate activity. It also enables care partners to better assist with activities of daily living, such as eating, drinking, or personal care.

Compared to the commonly used direct hand and Hand over hand approaches, HuH elicits the least amount of resistive behaviours while giving the person living with dementia a greater sense of participation in their daily care.

How to approach someone :

– Get into the person’s visual range, pausing approximately six feet away
– Place your open hand next to your face, smile, and greet by name
– Offer your hand in a handshake position
– If they extend their hand, approach slowly from the front with your hand extended
– Move from handshake to Hand-under-Hand Position
– Move from the front to their side, getting into a supportive stance

Additional, optional steps not shown:

– If the person is seated, get at or below their eye level by kneeling or squatting, but don’t lean in
– Use a positive communication and wait for their response
– Deliver a message using cues and a Positive Action Starter (PAS)

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