Specialised Foods

Some nutritional supplements can be supported through a Home Care Package. These specialist foods must be prescribed by a health professional operating within their scope of practice to support ageing-related conditions, such as dysphagia and cognitive impairment, and must only be consumed under medical supervision.

Specialised foods are defined as per the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 2.9.5 – Food for special medical purposes prescribed and monitored by a medical or allied health professional operating within their scope of practice.

Foods that are listed under Standard 2.9.5 are easy to identify. The label will state that the food is for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision. You can also find this information by going to the relevant food manufacturer’s website.

Examples of specialised foods that can be funded through a Home Care Package:

  • Resource Plus
  • Resource Protein
  • Resource Fibre
  • Ensure Powder Can
  • Ensure Plus
  • Novasource Renal
  • Nepro LP
  • Nutren Diabetes
  • Glucerna Triplecare Can
  • Resource ThickenUp Can
  • Resource ThickenUp Sachet
  • Souvenaid
  • Fortisip
  • Sustagen Hospital
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