We make it easy for you to understand the cost of home care.

Understanding home care package fees is not always easy. We often hear it is like comparing apples and oranges. Every provider has their own way of charging fees, in many cases often hiding the true cost in fancy calculators or the fine print. This can often result in fees equating to between 25-35% of the value of your home care package. Higher fees means less money for you and your care.

Our Fees:

We are committed to offering some of the lowest fees in Australia with no hidden fees, while retaining a focus on ensuring each and every client gets the most out of their package. Our management fees are as follows:

Self Managed DIY

Fee: 8% of package value (* after 3 months, subject to terms)

A DIY (do-it-yourself) option for those who would like to entirely self-manage their package. We provide you with a basic level of support and work alongside you to manage your package funds and payments.

(*) All DIY clients commence as provisional DIY which means initially the monthly fee is 20% of package value. After 3 months, and having successfully demonstrated the ability to self manage (see Self Management Charter) fees are reduced to 8%.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Care Management (after first 3 mths) $68 $120 $262 $397
*Monthly – first 3 mths  $170 $300 $653 $990
Care Management (after first 3 mths) *Monthly – first 3 mths
Level1 $68 $170
Level2 $120 $300
Level3 $262 $653
Level4 $397 $990

Self Managed PLUS

Fee: 20% of package value

For those who would like to self-manage but require extra help along the way. We complete full package set up and are more hands on in helping you navigate the aged care system, finding providers (you schedule them) and in maximising your home care package. We also work alongside you to manage your package funds and payments.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Care Management (mthly) $170 $300 $653 $990
Care Management (mthly)
Level1 $170
Level2 $300
Level3 $653
Level4 $990

No Daily Fees

No Exit Fees

No Review Fees

% of funding available after Management Fees

We maximise your direct care hours by firstly offering low management fees, then by helping you select the best carers to meet your needs.

Traditional Providers

Full Care Management

Local Guardians

Self Managed Plus

Local Guardians

Self Managed DIY

Interested in having a friendly, no-obligation chat with one of our Home Care Specialists?

Local Guardians do not employ carers. We’re an independent provider of home care package management, focused on getting you the BEST CARE and MOST VALUE from your home care package.

All home care package recipients have their own choice of carers. Generally speaking, significantly more care hours can be obtained by finding carers independently, and we help you do this.

For example, traditional home care providers may charge circa $75 per hour. The same person is available directly at $35-$40 per hour (with their own insurance and police check).

Our Customers Say


I would like to thank you for your support in all aspects of caring for my Dad, Abraham through this Aged Care process.  From the very first phone call you were professional, attentive, compassionate and so helpful.  I went from no knowledge to knowing what I was doing with his home care package in a matter of weeks.  You made me look like I walked on water as I navigated the Aged Care System. I could not imagine having used anyone else and managing a Self Managed Plan was not difficult.  If you are used to working in an office or doing your own paperwork it was easy with your guidance.  I also was so grateful that every time I called, you answered, your exceptional service is unmatched. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who wants a wonderful Aged Care Experience.

Lynden & Kathy

Since joining your organisation we have been totally blown away with the amazing service provided. Sheila is simply outstanding. Her knowledge, empathy and efficiency are beyond reasonable expectations. What a wonderful person to have on your team. We are both considerably more relaxed and all previous anxiety created in dealing with our previous provider has faded already. We feel truly fortunate to have stumbled across your organisation. In that regard 2020 wasn't all bad, particularly for us!!

Heather – SA

I am so impressed with the work that Local Guardians have done and appreciate the wonderful support given. I recommend Local Guardians - you just cannot compare the difference you guys made in our lives for those months.

Cat – QLD

Local Guardians have exceeded my expectations. Our family's package manager, has been absolutely fantastic at not only guiding us through the process but helping advocate for a higher funding package we were wait-listed for. She is always extremely prompt to respond and very helpful. We were a little daunted about going self-managed but I'm now spreading the word. It has helped us get so much more care - which is also so much more bang for the Government's buck.

June – VIC

We are new clients to the Aged Care HCP and we are so happy with Local Guardians. We were guided through the self-managed system by our friendly, knowledgeable, empathetic and professional Case Manager.  They were always just a phone call or email away and answered our questions promptly. Local Guardians is a professional organisation with low fees and the ability to choose your own carers.


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