Management fees

Maximise care, minimise administration

Home care providers, like other service can charge what they want.

There is no law regarding fees, and fees generally ranges between 30-50% of the total package value. Higher fees mean less money for you and your care. Notwithstanding, since 2017, government reforms now insist providers are clear with their charges, enable you to move to different providers and ensure you get a monthly statement, clearly showing what management fees you have been charged.

Local Guardians’ clients start with simple package management of a $500 once off charges and a 6% including self-management tools covering:

  • “Life plan” Care Planning template, covering goals and mitigation of risks around the domains of the home; living skills; interests, leisure & community groups; mobility and transport; family and friends; cultural & spiritual identity and personal care.
  • Home Care Handbook
  • Budget planning template
  • Optional Debit Cards, Smart Phone reimbursements and Cabcharge cards for taxis
  • Online family portal logins
  • A Self-Management Coach

Care management options are then up to you, and can include other home care providers who are happy to work with us and you, at the rates you negotiate.

There are two types of fees.

Firstly, Provider Fees (management fees)

Provider fee are the charges a home care package provider charge your home care package for services.

This is not directly paid by you, rather paid by the funding for your home care package. This is important, as the higher the fee, the less care you receive.

Package Management fees cover the basic administration tasks provided that include: claiming, payments, provision of statements, oversight of the home care quality management process, safeguarding and for Local Guardians, also setting up clients for self-management.

Care Management fees cover the creation oversight of care plan and budget, including scheduling and quality management activities around providers. You can choose to self-manage your care management and pay nothing.

Secondly, Care Fees (personal fees)

These are fees actually paid by the home care recipient from there bank account to their own home care package, and are known as the Basic Daily Fee and Income Tested Fees.

The Basic Daily Fee is optional, to the discretion of the home care package provider. Local Guardians does not charge any Basic Daily Fee. You will receive a letter from the Department of Human Services (Government) stating your service provider can ask you to pay this fee (approximately $10 per day).

The Income Tested Fee is a compulsory fee on higher income self-funded retirees that must be paid towards the home care package. The Government contribution falls by a similar amount.

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We are different!

Our innovative model maximises the funding to individuals for care, with prices below half that of any other home care provider in Australia and generally doubling care hours comparing to traditional providers.

With over a decade of experience supporting tens of thousands of aged care clients, Local Guardian’s deploy best practice technology to offer homecare packages a low 8% administration charge (of package value) to oversee the care, quality systems (safeguarding) and finance.

Case management including provider selection and scheduling, can be self-managed, or outsourced to a provider of client’s choice or completed by Local Guardians as required on an hourly basis or 12% fee. Full Case Management would equal 20%, compared to full self-management of 8%.

Other unique innovations include: free cab charge cards, real time statements via smart phone access; our own debit cards, allowing more flexibility in spending; and thousands of existing providers to search.

Home Care Benefits

  • “Family portal” access
  • Keep profile and contact details up-to-date
  • View budget and actual expenditures online 24/7
  • View calendar, carers and their notes, 24/7
  • Relevant documents and key contacts available
  • Take over care management to maximise care plan budget