Quality Management

Quality Management System

Local Guardians Quality Management System (QMS) is paperless, cloud based and accessible via mobile devices and PCs.  Processes, policies and procedures written in modern, user friendly plain English.

Purely self managed clients use our templates, processes and policies to ensure providers of care are appropriate, checked and managed.

The QMS includes cross references to all relevant legislation and the Home Care Standards.  The QMS includes all key documents to meet CDC requirements including the Home Care Handbook, Home Care Agreement, Budget and Care Plan template. Benefits include:

  • Dynamic, wiki based, online forum with users continually giving feedback
  • Peer network focused on Quality Management and Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Improvement activities coordinated by Local Guardians
  • Wiki based QMS includes:
    • Home page with access to six chapters (sections) sequenced to follow the client journey
    • Resources page with links to key guidelines, regulatory and legislative information – updated by Local Guardians
    • Documents page with key documents, templates and tools available for downloading in pdf or word
    • Contacts page where users details will appear in the address book allowing users to access peer support. Users can search contacts by expertise and role to seek advice/exchange information.

Software benefits

  • Minimise admin & maximise governance
  • No consultants or integrations, cloud based
  • No upfront costs, small monthly fee per package
  • Handbook, care plan templates, legal agreements
  • Secure platform on desktop & mobile
  • Part of bigger network of peers and specialists: clinical, quality & finance