Package Management

Our Role

As a Home Care Package Manager our role is essentially to insure that you receive the care and services you need to live a safe, independent life in your home and community.

The package management fee covers our costs in managing our quality management system, claiming your government subsidies, paying all your fees, leveraging our experience in maximising your welfare with a high quality plan and generally being on hand when things change.

To do this we requires the following items:

  • Home visit and independent safety checklist completed
  • Care Plan, including safeguards and detailed resourcing
  • Budget

Care Planning

Our care plan template is self-explanatory, for those fully self-managing, we give you first opportunity to complete the care plan and liaise as necessary to ensure it is of a high standard.

The care plan will identify your goals, any barriers to achieving those goals, and the services and supports that you need to achieve your goals. For example, you may want to become involved in a community activity, but need help getting there. Or maybe you want to improve your diet, but need help with meal preparations.

We encourage lateral thinking during care planning, for example:

  • To maximise the use of the available funds.  Carers may include children, nieces and nephews, friends, or significant others – virtually anyone who is part of your support system and can provide assistance.
  • There are many free, or low cost services provided by councils, are you using them all?  Including subsidised taxi’s. (Local Guardians provides personal taxi cards to be paid from the Care Package).
  • Minimise identified risks with: emergency Pendants, home sensors, voice alarms, and tracking watches.
  • Maximise independence with: our debit cards, simplified tablets (iPad) for seniors; intelligent voice assistants; and family alerts.
  • Further risk management expanding local carers recruited for backup where required.

Your care plan will include the following information:

  • your goals;
  • the care and services to be provided;
  • who will provide the care and services;
  • when the care and services will be provided and how often;
  • the level of involvement and control you want to have over the management of your package;
  • case management arrangements; and
  • how often your needs will be reassessed and the care plan updated.

Your care plan will also include services and supports that you are receiving from other programs or from your family and friends. By including all of these services and supports in one care plan, the services can be coordinated to maximise resources, avoid duplication, and minimise costs.

The care plan will change as your needs change. It will be updated at least once a year, but may be updated more often if you have a change in your life. For example, if you are hospitalised or if you move to a new home.

In selecting the services you wish to receive, as well as the service provider, we will not unreasonably deny any services or providers. Sometimes, though, we may not be able to provide you with all the services you ask for. We may not agree to provide services if doing so:

  • may cause harm to the health and/or safety of you or the caregiver;
  • results in us not being able to comply with our legal responsibilities; or
  • is outside the scope of the Home Care Package Program or is beyond the available funds for the package.

Work Health and Safety

All caregivers are first and foremost working for you.  All staff, volunteers and contractors are required by law to have a police check completed prior to beginning work.

Your home is your caregiver’s workplace, and when they are present, all relevant Occupational Health and Safety requirements must be met. This is easily done by letting us know about any risks that may be present to our workers while present in your home. Such risks include a dog or potentially unsafe stairs into your home. We will work together to address any concerns in order to provide your caregivers with safe working conditions.

To help you determine if there are any risks present in your home, we have provided a list below of some of the more common areas of concern. This list does not include all possible risks. When we meet with you to assess your care and service needs, we will also assess your home. At that time we will identify any risks to you and your caregivers that will need to be addressed.

We are different!

Our innovative model maximises the funding to individuals for care, with prices below half that of any other home care provider in Australia and generally doubling care hours comparing to traditional providers.

With over a decade of experience supporting tens of thousands of aged care clients, Local Guardian’s deploy best practice technology to offer homecare packages a low 8% administration charge (of package value) to oversee the care, quality systems (safeguarding) and finance.

Case management including provider selection and scheduling, can be self-managed, or outsourced to a provider of client’s choice or completed by Local Guardians as required on an hourly basis or 12% fee. Full Case Management would equal 20%, compared to full self-management of 8%.

Other unique innovations include: free cab charge cards, real time statements via smart phone access; our own debit cards, allowing more flexibility in spending; and thousands of existing providers to search.

Home Care Benefits

  • “Family portal” access
  • Keep profile and contact details up-to-date
  • View budget and actual expenditures online 24/7
  • View calendar, carers and their notes, 24/7
  • Relevant documents and key contacts available
  • Take over care management to maximise care plan budget